The town of Ubari is located in one of the driest places in the world with average yearly rainfall of only 8mm. This oasis town was once home to the peoples of the Tuareg and Tebu tribes but many have been displaced over the last several years due to fighting and a power struggle between them. Father we ask that your Word would go forth among the Tuareg and Tebu tribes in Ubari. Thank you for a small trickle of Tuareg believers. Pour out the rain of your Spirit to wash and cleanse the hearts of these tribal peoples drawing them to yourself.

1 thought on “Ubari: Oasis in the Sand Sea

  1. Father, We pray for peace and reconciliation Between the peoples of the Tuareg and Tebu tribes. May they make peace and be able to live in harmony in the town of Ubari. This will be the peace that only you can give when they become followers of Jesus. Strengthen those followers in the Tuareg, That they will be strong in their faith and be able to share with others. We also ask that workers could make contact with these believers and other tribe members so that their faith will be strengthened and more will come to Christ. Amen

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