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LPM is a global community that prays for Libya every day. Our vision is to see a church planting movement that reaches every corner of the nation.

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Daily Prayers

In order for church multiplication movements to progress, new believers must be easily and quickly welcomed into the Body of Christ. Let us pray today against the threat of distrust and suspicion that can prevent God's people from growing in number, maturity, and impact.
“On the day I called, you answered me; my strength of soul you increased." (Psalm 138:3) Lord, increase the strength of your Libyan church today as they face many obstacles and opposition from those who do not know you.
Tomorrow will mark the end of 30 days of fasting during Ramadan and then 3 days of celebrating will begin called the "Eid-al Fitr." This is one of the most important holidays in the year for Muslims. It's a celebratory time of visiting family and neighbors, exchanging well-wishes that your

What our intercessors say

“I like getting [the daily prayers] in my inbox. They have kept the country on my mind and also broadened my understanding of the country and its people.”

“The emails are a daily reminder to me to pray. I don’t always get to them every day, but sooner or later I read and pray through each one. They also give me greater vision to pray for people around me in my own country.”

“Thank you for sending these out! Love praying in agreement with you!”

Thanks so much for doing this. This has been an incredible blessing and a wonderful link into the Libyan community!