The town of Ghat, located along the western border of Libya and Algeria, is home to a Tuareg people group who speak the Tamahaq (pronounced similar to “tomahawk”) dialect. The harsh desert climate and remoteness of Ghat makes it a challenging place to live.

Lord, we ask you to thrust out laborers into Ghat, especially believers from neighboring people groups! May the gospel touch and transform the Tuareg people, and may Ghat no longer be known for nefarious smuggling trades, but rather as a crossroads for kingdom workers.

BONUS: Listen to this Tamahaq song!

1 thought on “Ghat and Tamahaq

  1. Father, we pray for those people living in the town of Ghat, in what appears to be a dry, barren region. May the Holy Spirit move in that area and call nearby workers to share the gospel with the inhabitants there. They need to hear Your “Good News” so their hearts and lives will be changed. Amen.

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