Today is the first day of the month of Ramadan, a month of fasting that is required by Islam. Of course, this Ramadan will be looking very different with quarantine measures still in place. Normally, Libyans are very joyful and eager for Ramadan but spirits are not as high knowing many of the normal happenings such as evening prayers at the mosques and social visits won’t be occurring.

Father God, as Libyans enter into this month of fasting, we pray for softer and open hearts. We pray for many more to look for and find truth in your Word rather than in the Quran.

1 thought on “First Day of Ramadan

  1. Joan Humphries says:

    Lord, Send your Holy Spirit to soften the hearts of Libyans during Ramadan while they are suffering with the quarantine. I pray that they will be led to search for the truth in your Word! Anen

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