Lord, how infinite, how glorious, how amazing you are! There is no god like you, and no man could ever measure up to your greatness. You have done wonderful things, and we thank you for your amazing, great works in our lives and in the lives of many Libyans. We praise and exalt your Name, Jesus, above every other name! May you receive the glory and the honor you deserve!
According to UNHCR, over 200,000 people have been displaced by the war for Tripoli. While some of these internally displaced people (IDPs) are staying in temporary shelters, many have moved into the city to stay with relatives and friends or to rent homes.

Lord, we pray for these people today, for their hearts to be healed, for peace to allow them to return to their homes, and for their practical needs. We also pray for their spiritual needs, that these people would hear of the good news because of proximity to believers in Tripoli and other places. Let what wicked men meant for evil be turned to something good, O Great Redeemer!

Lord God, we ask today for Libyan believers to find spouses who are believers and for Christ-centered marriages to be formed within your church. We ask for men who will be faithful husbands loving their wives just as Christ loves the church. We also ask for women who will joyfully submit to their husbands as a picture of the way the church submits to the lordship of Christ.

God, your desire and our desire is that all may be saved. Today, we ask you boldly for a church planting movement in Libya, one that would touch all people groups and spread across the nation’s borders into Libya’s neighbors. We pray today for laborers dedicated to this purpose who would be sensitive and obedient to your voice, that they may fulfill your calling and enter into deeper relationship with you. May all in Libya have a chance to hear the good news!

Forgiveness is very counter-cultural in Libya. If someone wrongs you, it is a normal response to cut that person off and not speak again.

Father, we pray for believers in Libya to love one another and to forgive one another when they hurt each other. We pray for the church in Libya to be a unified body who model the love of Christ to each other and choose forgiveness and love rather than bitterness and hatred.