As a few of the new believers have been sharing their faith, they have encountered hard hearts leading to discouragement.
Father God, we ask that you would strengthen and encourage these new believers. Let there be a tenacious spirit in them that would not give up on sharing even when it seems like their friends aren’t listening. We thank you that you are patient with us and we pray that they also would see their friends through your eyes.
Tobruk lies near the Egyptian border and has hosted the House of Representatives the last several years. There are several known local believers who are somewhat isolated yet growing in their faith.

Lord Jesus, would you strengthen the believers in Tobruk today, both old and new, and fill them with your Spirit. May they honor and glorify your Name with their lives and bring in a harvest among others!

These past 5 days, there was an imposed 24 hour lock-down for the country in order to lessen the spread of the coronavirus with the growing number of cases, especially in the capital.

Father, we continue to ask for wisdom for the country’s leaders and for the people of Libya to honor the guidelines set forth. We ask for your mercy and for this situation to lead to the expansion of your kingdom!

Recently, through sharing online, two new brothers have joined the family! Father, we praise you for these new brothers in the faith and ask for your Spirit to fill each one of them giving them strength, boldness and deepening faith. Let the seeds sown in their hearts not be snatched away but let them grow and reproduce hundredfold!

Lord Jesus, we thank you for more laborers who feel called to reach Libyans. You are raising up an army from every continent and many nations to spread the good news of the kingdom among these precious ones. May these laborers work in your strength, by your power, and be filled with the Spirit of peace and wisdom.