Lord Jesus, we thank you for more laborers who feel called to reach Libyans. You are raising up an army from every continent and many nations to spread the good news of the kingdom among these precious ones. May these laborers work in your strength, by your power, and be filled with the Spirit of peace and wisdom.
Lord God, all of Libya belongs to you. We see many nations and leaders of men fighting over Libya’s oil. They are full of greed and desire only power and riches for themselves. Today we think of the much fought-over towns of Libya’s large gulf – Sidra, Ras Lanuf, Marsa al Brega, and others – and are reminded of the primary reasons for the conflicts of the last 10 years in Libya. Jesus, we pray for an end to the war, for Libya’s people and leaders to come to repentance, and for those who live and work in these oil ports to hear the good news and obey.

Lord Jesus, as your kingdom expands in Libya and more and more pledge allegiance to you, would you give extraordinary grace to your servants to love and serve one another, as you did your disciples? Please help them to make up for what’s lacking in suffering, in helping, and in loving. Bless your Libyan Church, Lord Jesus, and may they be one.

Almost halfway between Tripoli and Benghazi along the coast lies Sirte, known for its battles, ethnic groups, and loyalty to Gaddafi. In the last month it’s become the new frontline of the latest war and is currently held by the eastern forces.

Jesus, we pray for Sirte today, for its people who’ve suffered so much and yet persevere. Thank you for your children from Sirte. We pray for their strengthening, for all there to hear of you, and for your grace over the city as it’s likely to suffer more over the coming days .
As the fighting in southern Tripoli has ceased, many displaced families are returning home, discovering that all of their remaining belongings have been stolen and their houses ransacked. Sadly, there are thousands of mines left over from the occupying troops, and already dozens of people returning have been killed. Today, lift up those clearing the mines and the families returning. Father, cover and protect them.