Libyan society is largely organized around tribal identities. For the next several Sundays, we’ll highlight one tribe to pray for specifically.

Today, we lift up the Warfalla, who represent the biggest and most influential tribe in Libya, composed of over one million people (out of a population of six to eight million). The Warfalla are spread all over Libya but their primary leadership comes from Bani Walid, in Tripolitania.

Jesus, we pray today for the Warfalla, that they would repent and turn to you, that they would seek after and find you. Thank you for a few believers from this tribe, especially those who are doing great works to help the poor and needy. Please add to their number. Thank you for the history of the Warfalla being peacemakers and mediators. Bless them Jesus and may many kingdom communities be birthed among them.
Lord Jesus, you know the thoughts of every man and woman in Libya. We pray for forgiveness and reconciliation among Arabs and Amazigh people. We pray for wise, good solutions to the root causes of these racial divisions and conflicts. Would each side consider their own sinful state and great need for forgiveness, leading to revelation of God’s great love for all his image bearers. We pray for Christians to be blameless in these areas and we lift up those who are advocating for peace and justice.
Father we again lift up Sirte to you. This city has endured so much destruction and havoc and remains a contested battleground. It’s been recalled for its being the hometown of Muammar Gaddafi, the location of the beheading of Egyptian martyrs in 2015, and as an Islamic State stronghold. May it be remembered as the place where peace was achieved in Libya. May the talks that are happening now be successful and effective in making peace! We pray for the people of Sirte to know your salvation and to declare allegiance to Jesus Christ the King. Bless Sirte and make it a place of flourishing, in Jesus’ mighty name!
The Senusi Bedouins are a mystic Sufi sect within Islam whose religious orders have sent Muslim missionaries across North and Central Africa since 1837. The religious order began in Libya and has spread from Ethiopia to Nigeria.

O Lord of the Senusi Bedouin, have mercy on the more than 1/2 million souls held captive for milennia! May the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ (2 Cor 4) shine upon Senusi prisoners and set them free. Call out disciple makers. Bless the translation work being done in their dialect. Build Your church. May the gates of hell not prevail. In Jesus’s mighty name!
Joining eastern and western Libya in the north are the region of Jufra and the city of Sirte. Currently these areas are experiencing high tensions as militaries from both sides build up and prepare for the next phase of the civil war. If peacemaking efforts fail, these areas will likely be the next conflict zones. Let’s war in the Spirit on their behalf!

Jesus, we pray for the people living in Jufra and Sirte, that in your mercy you would spare their lives. Make a way for Libyans to unite and the war to cease!
Famous in recent history as an Al Qaeda and Islamic State stronghold before its “liberation” in 2018-2019, Derna has been an influential city for millennia. Its topography is unique as a place where desert, green mountains, and sea meet, and its inhabitants also have a uniquely mixed history, many claiming roots in western Libya.

Lord God, would you raise up loyal followers of Jesus the Messiah from Derna! Many of those who first believed the gospel were from this region. Would your light shine again in Derna. Send laborers and prepare the way before them, pouring out dreams and visions and convicting hearts of sin.
In 630 BC, Greek colonists founded Apollonia, an important commercial center which served as the harbor of Cyrene (Simon’s hometown). Under Roman rule, its name changed to Susa and has remained so since the Muslim invasion. Lord, we pray for the ancient ruins to be rebuilt, for dry bones to rise. Lord Jesus, bring the dead to life in Susa. May it once again be a place where your Name is known and worshiped.