We pray for all those in authority in Libya, that Libyans might live “peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness” (1 Tim. 2:2). Lord, would you bestow heavenly wisdom on Libyan politicians and rulers, that they would seek righteousness and peace in the areas they are responsible for. We pray against corruption and ask for leaders who hate deception and love truth! O God, we long for peace and quiet in this nation, for the sake of the gospel!

Misrata, the third largest populated city in Libya, is a very strategically located place in the middle of the country linking the east and west. It is a major port city with about 60% of imports and exports in the country going through it.

Lord Jesus, we ask for a great outpouring of your Spirit over the city of Misrata. Let its people who carry such a strong identity as being Misuratans shift to carrying an identity as passionate, obedient followers of Jesus!

Located just about 1.5 hours drive east from the capital, the town of Khoms is well known for the magnificent ancient Roman ruins of Leptis Magna which are located just two miles east of the city. A couple of the major economic trades in the city are the harvesting of olive oil and dates. Father, we ask today for the people of Khoms to become like olive trees flourishing in the house of God and for their trust to be in your unfailing love (Psalm 52:8).

A unique and beautiful city in eastern Libya, Derna has a history of paganism, Christianity, and both moderate and extreme Islam.

Be lifted up, ancient doors, that the King of Glory may come in (Ps. 24:9)! We lift up the people of Derna to You, Father, and ask for a radical encounter with Jesus, that entire households would declare allegiance to You. We also pray for its peace, that there would be an end to destruction and suffering. Let Your will be done, O Lord.

Jesus, we lift to You the influential city of Tobruk in the East, near the Egyptian border. We pray for the House of Representatives that meets there, that You would order their steps. We pray for righteousness and justice in Tobruk. We thank You for households of peace and ask for more!

Ghadames is a Berber oasis town in northwest Libya that is one of the oldest pre-Saharan settlements (it was likely settled 6000 years ago!). It was always an important part of the trans-Saharan trade routes. After the Roman era, the inhabitants became Christian for a short time before the Arab Muslim conquest. Today, its 10000 people all claim Islam, yet their culture is slightly distinct from other Libyans.

Jesus, we cry out for these people and ask that they would have a chance to discover You today. Send them dreams, visions, and laborers. Let the good news be heard again in Ghadames and let it spread to the north, south, east, and west.

Located in the Nafusa mountains, Zintan is an Arab town notable for its militias which participated heavily in the 2011 revolution and the 2014 civil war.

Father, we pray for Zintanis’ hearts to be soft to the gospel. Holy Spirit bring conviction of sin and an awareness of the lies they’ve been believing. Lord, send laborers to the harvest in Zintan. Let this place no longer be known by war and revolution but by peace and the good news.

Spread across the Sahara desert in southeast Libya (and into Niger, Chad, and Sudan), the Toubou people live together in clans and have historically clashed with people groups living around them, including Arabs and the Tuareg. The Toubou live somewhat isolated in a harsh desert climate so that there have been very few laborers for the gospel among them.

Father, we know that you love the Toubou and desire that they may be saved. We pray that they would hear of the good news and respond in whole clans. Let nothing hinder your kingdom’s advance among them!

Pictured above: Volkswagen Touareg – next time you see this car, remember the Tuareg people in prayer!

The Tuareg have been roaming the Sahara Desert for thousands of years. Today they number several million people spread across six different North African countries. The Libyan Tuareg have very limited access to the gospel.

Father, we thank you for a few bold believers among the Tuareg and ask you for more laborers in the harvest. We also pray for their practical needs to be met, that there would be peace across the region and abundant food and clothing and access to education and medicine.