Pictured above: monument to the revolution – two fingers are the sign of freedom.

Home to about 200,000 residents and tracing its origins back to 1000 BC, Khoms is famous for the ancient important city of Leptis Magna, which was built nearby and gave birth to the Roman emperor Septimus Severius. Today, Khoms is a moderately influential city with a small port and well-known beaches.

Jesus, we pray for the people of Khoms to hear the good news and receive it with joy. May your kingdom come and your will be done in Khoms as it is in heaven. Let Khoms become an influential place for the kingdom of heaven!
The first sizable town east of Tripoli and Tajura, Garabulli (“gare-a-BOOL-ee”) is known for its “clean” beaches and Libyan cottages (“est-ee-RAH-hat” – literally, places to relax). Being a beach town, it’s also a place where migrants congregate as they wait to sail across the sea (or capsize as they set off).

Father, today Garabulli is on our hearts. Bless it and make it a place of peace and rest, where people can escape the troubles of the world and enjoy creation and family fun. We pray that many from Garabulli would come to know you and ask that you would be with the migrants who are there, seeking passage to Europe. We pray for their protection from oppression and for compassionate hearts among the citizens of Garabulli toward them.
Home to many revolutionaries, militia brigades, palm trees, and lovely beaches, Tajura sits just east of Tripoli and, among other things, is known for the conservative bent of its inhabitants.

Father, we cry out for this influential Tripoli suburb and ask for your peace to rest there. Let Tajurans see visions and dreams of Jesus as they call out to you during Ramadan. Draw them to Jesus as they recite Qur’an. We pray for freedom from the enemy’s deception and that the seeds planted there would sprout and grow into fellowships of faith.
Janzour, just west of Tripoli, has been settled since the 6th century BC and like many Libyans its people descend from Berber (Amazigh) tribes. Today it is a wealthier area and is one of the more comfortable cities to live in in western Libya. While quite developed, Janzour also produces a considerable amount of agriculture.

Father, you know the people of Janzour and you desire that they may be saved. We pray that believers who live there would be compelled to share with their neighbors and family. We ask that your kingdom would come to Janzour and bring with it peace, justice, and righteousness. May your Name be proclaimed and exalted among households in Janzour!
While not strictly a coastal people, the Warshefana tribe lives in and controls the area from the sea between Zawia and Janzour (Tripoli) down south to the Nafusa mountains. The tribe supported the old regime and when it crumbled, became famous for kidnapping and other criminal activities.

God, we cry out for the humbling of the Warshefana, that they would see the leadership of Jesus and bow before Him. Send laborers among them, that they may they know you and acknowledge you as the risen King, the Lord of all!
Zawia, the fifth-largest city in Libya and the most major city between the Tunisian border and Tripoli, has no known believers. Rather, it is known for its oil refinery, university, and football team, and because of conflict zones in other areas, lots of traffic has been diverted recently through Zawia, increasing its importance.

God, we pray for the people of Zawia to hear of you and respond! Tear down the lies that have held them captive. Send laborers. Let the Church be planted in good soil and grow in Zawia. Make it a sending place to other Libyan cities!
Sorman, along with Sabratha, is loyal to the eastern government (Hafter), which is unique for cities around Tripoli. Naturally, there’s been a lot of upheaval and disruption there.

Today, we lift up the coastal town of Sorman to you, Lord. We pray for peace there; let whatever shaking has happened lead people to search for answers. Send laborers to Sorman, and would there be true disciples and Jesus worshipers found there!
(Photo: Roman ruins of old city, not modern day)
The westernmost city of the 3 ancient Roman cities (“tripolis”), Sabratha has been occupied by Phonecians, Arabs, Romans, Numidians (Berbers), Byzantines, and others. Today it’s much like other Arab Libyan cities. Sabratha has experienced significant turmoil since the 2011 revolution and remains in need of gospel-workers!

God, we pray for harvest laborers in Sabratha! Raise up locals and foreigners to go and announce your kingdom there. Would their message be accompanied by signs and wonders as we see in Acts, and would house churches begin meeting in Sabratha! Amen.

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