Sorman, along with Sabratha, is loyal to the eastern government (Hafter), which is unique for cities around Tripoli. Naturally, there’s been a lot of upheaval and disruption there.

Today, we lift up the coastal town of Sorman to you, Lord. We pray for peace there; let whatever shaking has happened lead people to search for answers. Send laborers to Sorman, and would there be true disciples and Jesus worshipers found there!
(Photo: Roman ruins of old city, not modern day)
The westernmost city of the 3 ancient Roman cities (“tripolis”), Sabratha has been occupied by Phonecians, Arabs, Romans, Numidians (Berbers), Byzantines, and others. Today it’s much like other Arab Libyan cities. Sabratha has experienced significant turmoil since the 2011 revolution and remains in need of gospel-workers!

God, we pray for harvest laborers in Sabratha! Raise up locals and foreigners to go and announce your kingdom there. Would their message be accompanied by signs and wonders as we see in Acts, and would house churches begin meeting in Sabratha! Amen.

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Zuwara is home to about 50,000 Amazigh (Berber) people (with another 50,000 perhaps in Tripoli). Many have left Islam and call themselves “non-religious” or even atheist.

God, we cry out for the Zuwara Amazigh right now, that you would lead them to salvation in groups. Let the groups of young people who are searching out truth together from philosophy and history find you in their own history. Holy Spirit convict hearts of sin and lead Zuwarans to the truth!
Abu Kammash is a small fishing village near the border of Tunisia. Known locally as Bukamash or “Bsida” (Poseidon) in the Berber language, it’s famous for a huge petrochemical complex that was abandoned in 2010. Improper disposal of hazardous waste from the complex has produced harmful effects on the surrounding environment and resulted in both humans and animals being poisoned. Various efforts by groups from neighboring Zuwara to clean up have been underfunded and insufficient, leaving Abu Kammash a shameful place.

Jesus, we pray for the few inhabitants of this village, for their good health and for them to know you as Lord. We pray for “fishers of men” who would leave everything to follow you! We lift up this environmental issue and pray for a solution, a well-funded, proper clean-up, that your beautiful creation may be taken care of, as you commanded. We pray the natural wealth of Abu Kammash would be restored and bring glory to you.

(To read more about Abu Kammash’s chemical plant, check out this article.)

The small town of Ras Ajdir is the primary border crossing between Tunisia and Libya.

God, we pray Ras Ajdir would be a source of blessing for both Libya and Tunisia. We pray for “people of peace” who would be receptive to the gospel and would be door openers to Libya. We pray against corruption and for truth, righteousness, and peace to reign. May many foreigners and locals enter through Ras Ajdir, bringing good news!
We pray for all those in authority in Libya, that Libyans might live “peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness” (1 Tim. 2:2). Lord, would you bestow heavenly wisdom on Libyan politicians and rulers, that they would seek righteousness and peace in the areas they are responsible for. We pray against corruption and ask for leaders who hate deception and love truth! O God, we long for peace and quiet in this nation, for the sake of the gospel!

Misrata, the third largest populated city in Libya, is a very strategically located place in the middle of the country linking the east and west. It is a major port city with about 60% of imports and exports in the country going through it.

Lord Jesus, we ask for a great outpouring of your Spirit over the city of Misrata. Let its people who carry such a strong identity as being Misuratans shift to carrying an identity as passionate, obedient followers of Jesus!

Located just about 1.5 hours drive east from the capital, the town of Khoms is well known for the magnificent ancient Roman ruins of Leptis Magna which are located just two miles east of the city. A couple of the major economic trades in the city are the harvesting of olive oil and dates. Father, we ask today for the people of Khoms to become like olive trees flourishing in the house of God and for their trust to be in your unfailing love (Psalm 52:8).

A unique and beautiful city in eastern Libya, Derna has a history of paganism, Christianity, and both moderate and extreme Islam.

Be lifted up, ancient doors, that the King of Glory may come in (Ps. 24:9)! We lift up the people of Derna to You, Father, and ask for a radical encounter with Jesus, that entire households would declare allegiance to You. We also pray for its peace, that there would be an end to destruction and suffering. Let Your will be done, O Lord.