The town of Murzuk is an oasis town located in the southwest of Libya. The town has declined significantly over the last century, and the tribal people living in this region remain isolated with many of them never having had the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

Father, we lift up the different tribal groups, especially the Tebu, who are living in the region of Murzuq; we ask for there to be a great harvest among them.
The town of Ghat, located along the western border of Libya and Algeria, is home to a Tuareg people group who speak the Tamahaq (pronounced similar to “tomahawk”) dialect. The harsh desert climate and remoteness of Ghat makes it a challenging place to live.

Lord, we ask you to thrust out laborers into Ghat, especially believers from neighboring people groups! May the gospel touch and transform the Tuareg people, and may Ghat no longer be known for nefarious smuggling trades, but rather as a crossroads for kingdom workers.

BONUS: Listen to this Tamahaq song!

The town of Ubari is located in one of the driest places in the world with average yearly rainfall of only 8mm. This oasis town was once home to the peoples of the Tuareg and Tebu tribes but many have been displaced over the last several years due to fighting and a power struggle between them. Father we ask that your Word would go forth among the Tuareg and Tebu tribes in Ubari. Thank you for a small trickle of Tuareg believers. Pour out the rain of your Spirit to wash and cleanse the hearts of these tribal peoples drawing them to yourself.
Jufra is located smack dab in the middle of Libya and is made up of mostly desert with 3 key oases – Hun, Sukna, and Waddan. It’s central location has made it somewhat of a “no-man’s land” in the recent conflicts, resulting in many of its inhabitants suffering lack. In June, IOM delivered humanitarian aid to a few hundred needy families; the physical and spiritual needs of the region remain high.

Oh Father, we cry out to you for the forgotten, struggling people of Jufra. We know you see them and care about them. We pray Lord that you would send help to their region, that an enduring peace would come, and that there would be an end to corruption and criminal activity. Lord, let the people turn to you and find hope and life in your resurrection, we ask in Jesus’s mighty Name!
Gharyan, 50 miles south of Tripoli, is the most populous city in the Nafusa Mountains and has a reputation for being conservative. Indeed, Ghariani society is characteristically patriarchal, and there is strong pressure to be a good Muslim.

Father, we ask for seeds of the gospel sown in Gharyan to bear good fruit. May your kingdom prevail over the kingdom of darkness. Let the Word of God be received with joy and establish roots that will last, that the mountains may be blessed!
In Northwest Libya, the Amazigh of Zuwara have historically been at odds (if not war) with the surrounding Arab towns, and tension remains today.

God, we pray for racial reconciliation that comes with the proclamation of the gospel in the Nuqat al Khams District. Let many Zuwarans who are searching for truth, including self-proclaimed atheists and agnostics, discover the good news of Jesus, lay down their weapons, and live out the radical command to love their neighbors. And may Arabs from the surrounding areas of Zulten, Al Jumayl, and Rigdalen be transformed into kingdom communities which bear the likeness of Christ.
Located in the northwest, Zawiya is situated along the route between Tripoli and the Tunisian border. Father, would you hinder any people who are trying to enter into Libya with evil intentions in their hearts and open up the borders of Libya to more believers who want to see a church-planting movement among Libyans. We pray for renewal and restoration in Zawiya. Bless the young people who are learning there in the university and may there be many house groups in this city!
The Jafara District is between Tripoli, Zawiya, and the Nafusa mountains. It’s mostly desert landscape but about 150,000 people live in various towns, the largest of which is Aziziya. In the last 10 years it’s been known for criminal activity (including carjacking) organized by various militias and gangs, and during the 2019-2020 civil war, Aziziya, Gasr Ben Gashir and the surrounding areas were devastated by battles between eastern and western forces. Many had to flee their homes and lost everything they had. For many years Jafara has been known as a crossroads or in-between place, but the Lord knows the hearts of all who live there.

Father, we pray for your kingdom to come to Jafara. Send laborers into the harvest and lead them to people of peace. May many there call on your Name, and please bring flourishing, renewal, and restoration to the region!