Paul uses “oikodome” (not pronounced as it looks) to refer to the act of building up or edifying, as well as a building or edifice.

In Jesus’ name, we ask for the temple of Christ to be built up and edified in Libya! Whenever believers meet together, let there be powerful mutual edification and transformation into the holy dwelling place of God.

Lord, the Libyan Church is your household. We pray revelation over all the believers to know they belong in your family. Oh, what love you’ve bestowed on us, that we should be called your children! Thank you for our adoption as sons and daughters. Show our Libyan brothers and sisters your extravagant love, O Lord, and may they love one another in turn, as brothers and sisters.

We are told of the early Church, “They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need.” Father, make this a reality among Libyan believers. In an age of selfishness and materialism, let the Church be marked by this kind of generosity. May there be no needy among them, and may the Libyan Church be a material blessing to the poorer brothers and sisters of the surrounding nations.
Lord God, again we ask for signs and wonders that would amaze the Libyan people and confirm the message of your servants. Tear down the spiritual obstacles and hindrances in the way. Would you bless laborers with answers to their prayers, and astound even those who have no knowledge of the gospel and those who are resistant. Break down walls and open up hearts to you, Lord Jesus.