King Jesus, advance your kingdom in Libya. We pray that as more and more Libyans pledge themselves to you, that they would begin to establish your kingdom in ways that are unique to Libyans. Would the Libyan church be a beautiful and special representation that reflects who you are to the world! Let worship and acts of goodness and faith all be done in a uniquely Libyan way!
Lord Jesus, we pray that there would be “no place left” to preach the gospel in Libya. Send out laborers into every city,town, and village to herald your kingdom. May nothing stand in the way of the good news going forth! We pray for great vision and strength to sustain your precious children in Libya, that they would overcome and bring you honor and glory.
One of the marks of a church planting movement on a people is that society changes. People begin to look more like Jesus’s disciples and less like their former, worldly selves, both individually and collectively. They become a blessing to their neighbors and a light shining before men.

Lord, we pray that as more and more Libyans declare allegiance to Jesus the King and invite You to reign and rule over them, Libyan society would begin to resemble the kingdom of heaven.