Sorman, along with Sabratha, is loyal to the eastern government (Hafter), which is unique for cities around Tripoli. Naturally, there’s been a lot of upheaval and disruption there.

Today, we lift up the coastal town of Sorman to you, Lord. We pray for peace there; let whatever shaking has happened lead people to search for answers. Send laborers to Sorman, and would there be true disciples and Jesus worshipers found there!
Lord Jesus, when you walked this earth, you saw those who were in need and had compassion on them. The early disciples walked in the same compassion, and so have your disciples throughout the ages. We pray today for a fresh filling of your Spirit for Libyan believers, that they would walk in compassion and be bold, available, and willing to pray for and bless those in need. We ask for both collective and individual acts of mercy!
(Photo: Roman ruins of old city, not modern day)
The westernmost city of the 3 ancient Roman cities (“tripolis”), Sabratha has been occupied by Phonecians, Arabs, Romans, Numidians (Berbers), Byzantines, and others. Today it’s much like other Arab Libyan cities. Sabratha has experienced significant turmoil since the 2011 revolution and remains in need of gospel-workers!

God, we pray for harvest laborers in Sabratha! Raise up locals and foreigners to go and announce your kingdom there. Would their message be accompanied by signs and wonders as we see in Acts, and would house churches begin meeting in Sabratha! Amen.

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