The town of Murzuk is an oasis town located in the southwest of Libya. The town has declined significantly over the last century, and the tribal people living in this region remain isolated with many of them never having had the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

Father, we lift up the different tribal groups, especially the Tebu, who are living in the region of Murzuq; we ask for there to be a great harvest among them.
The town of Ghat, located along the western border of Libya and Algeria, is home to a Tuareg people group who speak the Tamahaq (pronounced similar to “tomahawk”) dialect. The harsh desert climate and remoteness of Ghat makes it a challenging place to live.

Lord, we ask you to thrust out laborers into Ghat, especially believers from neighboring people groups! May the gospel touch and transform the Tuareg people, and may Ghat no longer be known for nefarious smuggling trades, but rather as a crossroads for kingdom workers.

BONUS: Listen to this Tamahaq song!

Paul uses “oikodome” (not pronounced as it looks) to refer to the act of building up or edifying, as well as a building or edifice.

In Jesus’ name, we ask for the temple of Christ to be built up and edified in Libya! Whenever believers meet together, let there be powerful mutual edification and transformation into the holy dwelling place of God.
The town of Ubari is located in one of the driest places in the world with average yearly rainfall of only 8mm. This oasis town was once home to the peoples of the Tuareg and Tebu tribes but many have been displaced over the last several years due to fighting and a power struggle between them. Father we ask that your Word would go forth among the Tuareg and Tebu tribes in Ubari. Thank you for a small trickle of Tuareg believers. Pour out the rain of your Spirit to wash and cleanse the hearts of these tribal peoples drawing them to yourself.